Physical Rehabilitation Services


Just like physical therapy for humans, physical rehabilitation for your pet helps improve fitness and maximize mobility, comfort, and quality of life. Surgery, injury, old age, certain neurological conditions, and obesity can make even basic activities challenging and painful. Proper rehabilitation can positively and significantly impact healing time, pain management, and overall wellness.

Rehabilitation may help if your pet experiences any of the following:

  • Trouble getting up or down
  • Difficulty climbing stairs
  • Limping or favoring a limb
  • Decrease in strength, muscle tone,
    and/or endurance
  • Reduced interest in play
  • Soreness/pain after exercise
  • Recent surgery or injury
  • Arthritis or joint stiffness
  • Weight management/obesity
  • Frequent use of pain medication
  • Neurological conditions
Your pet's treatment plan may include:
  • Acupuncture
  • Advanced pain management
  • Hydrotherapy (underwater treadmill)
  • Laser
  • Neuromuscular electrical stimulation
  • Shockwave therapy
  • Therapeutic exercises
  • Therapeutic massage

What can I expect at my pet's initial rehabilitation consultation?

When you come to your first rehabilitation appointment, plan on a 1-1.5 hour visit. It will start with detailed history and assessment of what goals are desired through the rehabilitation program. We will do an assessment of gait, functional movements and a complete musculoskeletal examination. After gathering the necessary information, we will put together a home exercise plan designed to address any pain and/or dysfunction identified in the examination. If appropriate, the visit will include laser therapy, acupuncture, and underwater treadmill therapy. At the initial consultation we will also discuss which treatment plan will be most beneficial for your pet, taking individual budget and schedule considerations into account.


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