dog and cat radiation oncology treatments in oak creek, glendale and port washington, wi

Dog and Cat Radiation Oncology

in Oak Creek, WI, Glendale, WI, Port Washington, WI

Dog and cat radio oncology in Oak Creek, WI, Glendale, WI and Port Washington, WI has advanced significantly in recent years. To stay on the leading edge of these developments, Lakeshore Veterinary Specialists has partnered with PetCure Oncology to add the latest in radiation therapy to our comprehensive cancer care services. Together, our compassionate and board-certified specialists will work with you to determine if radiation therapy is the most appropriate treatment option for your pet's cancer.

Lakeshore Veterinary Specialists' comprehensive cancer care includes Medical Oncology, Neurology & Neurosurgery, and Emergency Vet Care services in addition to the radiation oncology options below:

Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS)

SRS, a leading treatment option in human cancer care, is now available for pets. The noninvasive therapy is typically delivered with the intent to cure cancer, as opposed to merely easing its symptoms. SRS can be utilized to target any identifiable tumor, delivering high doses of radiation with unprecedented precision to maximize impact on cancerous tissue while minimizing contact with the surrounding healthy tissue.

In addition to significantly reducing side effects, the sub-millimeter precision enables the treatment of some cancers previously considered “untreatable” based on their delicate location within the body (brain, spine, lung, etc.).

An entire SRS treatment course is completed in only 1-3 treatment sessions that can be delivered on consecutive days, further increasing safety for the patient and convenience for the pet owner. Lakeshore is the only private practice in the state of Wisconsin that offers SRS for pets.

Conventional Radiation Therapy (CFRT)

RT uses radiation to shrink or destroy cancers, including those that cannot be safely or completely removed by surgery alone. It can be utilized in conjunction with chemotherapy, following surgery, or as the sole treatment in cases where SRS is not an option. It is typically administered in 15-21 treatment sessions over 3-4 weeks. Palliative treatment, which is intended to alleviate pain, is also available.

Palliative Care (RT)

A treatment option particularly used if a cure is not possible. Palliative care is used to increase a pet's comfort and quality of life. Typically delivered in weekly low-dose radiation treatments over 3-6 weeks, the goal is to relieve symptoms such as pain, bleeding and decreased mobility.

Our care team is led by PetCure Oncology Chief Medical Officer Dr. Neal Mauldin, a triple-board certified specialist and our leading experts in veterinary radiation oncology including Drs. Rachel Reiman, Rachel Sternberg, and Allison Haley.


  • Rachel Reiman
    Medical & Radiation Oncology
    Board-Certified Oncologist
  • Rachel Sternberg
    Medical & Radiation Oncology
    Board-Certified Oncologist