Anesthesia & Pain Management Services

Utilizing state-of-the-art monitoring techniques

Anesthesia and pain management are often required for diagnostic and surgical procedures, and can be necessary for the long-term comfort of your pet. Our board-certified anesthesiologist and highly trained technicians will collaborate with our team of specialists to develop a unique treatment plan that is best suited to your pet’s needs. At Lakeshore, our goal is to restore and maintain your pet’s comfort and quality of life.

Our team will monitor your pet throughout many stages of care, including:

  • Pre-anesthetic evaluation and treatment
  • Medical management of patients during anesthetic procedures
  • Post-anesthetic evaluation and treatment
  • Management of post-surgical pain, as well as pain associated with other medical conditions
  • Management of chronic pain
  • Monitoring is critical to maintain the comfort and safety of each patient. We utilize state-of-the-art monitoring techniques, including:

    • Electrocardiography (EKG)
    • Blood pressure monitoring (indirect and direct)
    • Temperature monitoring
    • Respiratory monitoring
    • Arterial blood gas evaluation
    • Fluid and electrolyte monitoring
    • Neuromuscular blockade monitoring
    Our board-certified anesthesiologist is an expert in administering anesthesia and pain management to pets at all life stages and with a wide range of conditions.

    What it means to have an Anesthesiologist at Lakeshore

    Our compassionate Anesthesiology & Pain Management Team:

    • Supervises cases undergoing sedation and anesthesia.
    • Trains our certified veterinary technicians to provide the best, most up-to-date anesthetic care for your pet.
    • Provides specialized anesthesia plans for patients with diseases such as heart, kidney, and liver disease, as well as other critical and/or unstable conditions.
    • Ensures the ongoing safety of your pet through individualized medication selection and monitoring.
    • Performs advanced pain management techniques such as epidurals and local blocks to optimize patient comfort.