Meet Our Blood Donation Center Superheroes

These heroes save lives every day!

Meet Lark

Lark is a universal blood donor and has come to the rescue on several occasions. She is a sweet girl who loves to snuggle, take naps in her favorite blue bed, and likes the comfort her favorite stuffy.

dog named peanut butter

Meet Peanut Butter Kisses

Peanut is a happy, funny, sweet 4-year-old female Pit Bull. Peanut loves to snuggle with people and her sisters, take naps in laundry baskets, and she lives for food!  After her blood donation, Peanut’s mom (Lakeshore CVT Haley) provided lots of treats to thank Miss Peanut!

dog wearing a birthday hat

Meet Cali

Cali (full name: Cali Shark Rainbow Cloud) is one of our Blood Donor Superheroes and recently turned 2 years old. We'd like to thank this fashionable pup for continuously saving lives!

cat on a counter

Meet Hobbs

Hobbs and his owner rushed in to save the day...and a life! In fact, Hobbs has saved the lives of many beloved pets over the years and continues to donate blood on a regular basis. As you can tell from the photos, he is a very curious cat and thoroughly enjoys exploring our exam rooms.

dog with read leash

Meet Izzy

Izzy is a young retired racing greyhound. She was adopted at 18m of age after she "failed" racing school----she doesn't like loud noises very much so all of the bells, horns and happy shouting at the racetrack scared her a bit. She loves retirement (at such a young age) and enjoys running laps around her fenced in yard at home where it's nice and quiet! Izzy loves the beach and playing fetch with tennis balls. Toys that squeak are her absolute favorite! She is new to the Blood Donor program but, at such a young age, will be able to help save lives for another 5 years or so.