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Success Stories

Meet blood donor recipient, Bentley!
Bentley is a young dog that visited Lakeshore this summer, due to limping on his right hind leg. Radiographs demonstrated an old fracture of his femur bone, near the hip. Since the injury was chronic, Bentley underwent surgery with Dr. Kroner to remove the affected bone (an FHO procedure). During surgery, Bentley experienced some unexpected bleeding. Thankfully, Lakeshore has an active blood donor program, and Peanut Butter Kisses came to Bentley’s rescue! Peanut is a happy, funny, sweet 4-year-old female Pit Bull. She and Bentley share the same blood type, so she was able to donate blood to help Bentley recover. Peanut loves to snuggle with people and her sisters, and she lives for food!  After her blood donation, Peanut’s mom (Lakeshore CVT Haley) provided lots of treats to thank Miss Peanut!

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Peanut Butter Kisses

Blood Donor