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Meet blood donor recipient, Pugsly!
Pugsly Hermann was presented to our Lakeshore Port Washington team on September 13th for having a fever, pain in his abdomen, as well as, possible pneumonia. He was evaluated by Dr. Byl, one of Lakeshore’s Internal Medicine Specialists and was immediately hospitalized and started on fluids and antibiotics. Despite all efforts, Pugsly did not improve with treatment.

Pugsly’s fever persisted and he started accumulating fluid in his chest cavity. The decision was made to take him to surgery. During surgery, Pugsly lost a fair amount of blood. Post-surgery, his red blood cell percentage was life-threatening and an immediate blood transfusion was needed. Pugsly’s owners were not ready to give up on him and elected to proceed with a transfusion.

The day prior to Pugsly's visit, Amber, an LVS team member, brought in her Labrador, Brooke to donate blood. Brooke’s blood was immediately tested and it

was a match for Pugsly.

His blood transfusion went well and Pugsly stabilized with intensive care after surgery. He went home a few days later. Pugsly just recently visited Lakeshore for a recheck and we are thrilled to announce he is doing extremely well! Pugsly’s owners jokingly say "No wonder he is so spunky now, he has Labrador in him!"



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