Success Stories

Meet Luke!

Luke is a lovely 5-year-old cat who made an emergency vet visit to Lakeshore - Oak Creek, due to a urinary blockage. Diagnostic testing revealed that Luke had bladder stones & elevated kidney values. After receiving IV fluids to treat his kidneys, Luke was taken to surgery to remove the bladder stones. Following the first surgery, Luke still struggled to urinate. Lakeshore veterinarians determined that he needed a second surgical procedure to widen his urethra. Luke's family elected to pursue the second surgery, a perineal urethrostomy. Financial support for Luke's urethrostomy was provided by Lakeshore's Pet Care Foundation. Donated funds were allocated to Luke & his family, to assist with medical and surgical costs, allowing Luke the life-saving surgery he needed. Today, Luke is healthy and happy, thanks to assistance from the Pet Care Foundation and his very dedicated family!