Lakeshore Veterinary Specialists has been closely monitoring the rapidly changing status of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. As recommended by the Wisconsin Department of Health, Lakeshore is taking additional precautionary measures to reduce the risk of the spread of this virus. We are expanding sanitary procedures and implementing social distancing protocols to decrease exposure and contact between individuals. Effective Wednesday, March 18th, only essential hospital personnel will be allowed inside all areas of the Lakeshore hospitals until further notice.

Please understand our staff will be practicing personal safety and social distancing for their protection as well as yours. At this time, our team will not be shaking hands and maybe wearing masks, gowns, and gloves to keep them safe. Bathrooms are not available for public use – we apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.

Pets Being Seen at Lakeshore:

Check-in & Initial Evaluation:

1. Call the clinic upon arrival. Please remain in your vehicle.

– Park as close to the main entrance as possible.

– Please bring a mask with you as you will be asked to wear the mask when speaking in person with our team members. 

– Be prepared to provide information regarding your pet: your concerns, symptoms, current medications, etc.

Glendale – 414.540.6710

Oakcreek – 414.540.6710

Port Washington – 262.268.7800

2. Client Care professionals will discuss your needs by phone.

3. Following your phone conversation, a care professional will transport your pet from your vehicle and into the building for evaluation.

Exam & Consultation:

4. After your pet is evaluated and examined, you will receive a phone call to discuss recommendations and a plan moving forward.

5. Consent for diagnostics and/or treatment, and financial estimates will be discussed via this phone call, and an estimate will be provided for signature.

6. You will then be asked to submit payment or a deposit via one of our payment methods:

– Credit card or Care Credit are preferred, but cash or check will also be accepted.

7. Updates will be given regularly via phone by Lakeshore’s veterinary medical team.

Check-out & Discharge from the Animal Hospital

8. Once the care of your pet is complete, you will receive another call to discuss the discharge process.

9. Any remaining balance will be collected before the discharge of your pet from the hospital.

10. Your pet will be returned to you following the review of discharge instructions.

Hospitalized Pets:

– Updates will be given regularly via phone by your medical team.

– Unfortunately, no visitors are allowed inside the hospital without attending veterinarian consent.

As a reminder, we have included recommendations from our previous email communication regarding considerations when seeking veterinary care.

Recommendations for those considering veterinary care for their pet:

  • Call ahead- This allows for pre-registration and the veterinary care team to ensure we are able to accommodate your pet.
  • Determine Urgency- If uncertain about the urgency of your pet’s condition, please seek advice from your primary care veterinarian or call Lakeshore’s veterinary medical team. Truly urgent, critical pets should seek immediate care.
  • Postpone non-emergent cases- In the event caseloads exceed the capabilities of our hospitals, some pets with non-urgent conditions may be referred to their primary care facility. If you are uncertain if your pet is experiencing an emergency, contact a veterinary provider.
  • Pets are seen in order of urgency- Critical and urgent pets are seen before stable patients.
  • Expect extended wait times- Limited locations for emergency care can result in high caseloads. Our teams will work hard to see pets as efficiently as possible while maintaining a high standard of care and service.
  • Ill owners- If you (human) are experiencing a respiratory illness, or have been exposed to the coronavirus, please have an adult 18 years of age or older bring your pet in for you. A consultation with you will occur by phone. Should symptomatic or exposed owner need to bring a pet to one of our facilities, we ask that they disclose their condition to ensure our staff is prepared for their arrival.

Again, effective Wednesday, March 18th, only essential hospital personnel will be allowed inside all areas of the Lakeshore hospitals until further notice. Veterinary medical staff will meet clients in the parking lot and bring pets in for care. During this time, services may be limited, and some existing appointments may need to be postponed. Hospital personnel will contact clients directly with information regarding any changes.

Thank you for entrusting us with the care of your clients and their pets. We are committed to safely providing the best care and service to you and the community. Please contact any of our locations with questions regarding this communication.


Lakeshore Veterinary Specialists